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"Offshore fishing 28 miles out…boat starts to take on water..sinking. Depth of the Gulf was 825 feet. We were 2 miles from the nearest oil platform (that had men on it). We get out sinking boat within 1 mile and we go down! I start whistling as loud as I can! Thank goodness the men working on the oil platform heard this whistle and sent the crew boat to rescue us! I owe my life (and my fathers) to this whistle!"

"As a Lifeguard Instructor Trainer and Master Scuba Instructor I really like this whistle. This whistle is so loud that swimmers underwater can hear the lifeguard. Besides keeping one in my lifeguard fanny pack I carry one each on my scuba BCD's.
The whistle is solidly built and will last for years.
The whistle comes with a set of ear plugs. Those are not there as a gimmick. Highly suggested that the user put the plugs in if they plan on blowing the whistle many times in a short period of time.
I opted for the orange whistle as it is highly visible.
Sure, you can get many other whistles for as little as $1.50 but none will be as loud as this one nor will they last as long."

"Over the years I've used every whistle made - all designs, materials and size. All for the purpose of calling in my dogs when they're roaming within our fenced in two acres and beyond. This HyperWhistle is without a question the loudest and farthest reaching of any of them and I need that when black bears or coyotes pose a threat to our guys. This whistle is even louder than the pressurized air horns I have at every door. I've had to learn to moderate the amount of air I blow into the whistle...and there's a reason why they include a set of air plugs. I recommend you don't go for the maximum until you hear how loud it can get."

"This is probably the loudest whistle I have ever heard, although I can say for sure since I plug my ears with my fingers when I blow. I carry it in reserve as a last resort for aggressive bears and cougars when all other measures fail..."

"I teach skydiving, and while Hollywood would have you believe that entire conversations can easily be held while in freefall, this just isn't the case- 150mph winds tend to be quite loud. Just for fun, I began buying every "miracle whistle" I came across, and testing them in freefall with friends, thinking that we could use a simple code for a few things, just to give us a line of communication without requiring line of sight.
I had tried everything- fox 40, storm, etc. I hadn't tried the Hyperwhistle yet because it looked too large and ungainly. Finally I was out of alternatives so I ordered one.
OK...this thing is loud. Crazy loud. Any reviewer who claims otherwise or compares its volume unfavorably to any other whistle on Amazon as of the date of this writing is lying. No doubt about it.
In fact, simply angle the mouthpiece into the relative wind during freefall and I think they can probably hear it on the ISS. LOUD. Seriously."

"This whistle was the only one of its kind with 5 of us back packing the gates of the Artic National Park in Alaska, and it was truly fantastic. At times we needed to send one of us around a bend to scout parts of a river or make a climb and signal back....and this whistle overcame the river noises or mountain curves. Outstanding piece of equipment. I wish it was a little less bulky but trust me, well worth having it."

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