Frequently asked questions

Does our Whistle work underwater?


After you begin blowing the HyperWhistle, the air clears the chambers and allows the whistle to sound underwater.

An interesting side note: Sound travels faster in water than in air, so the HyperWhistle frequency is higher underwater.

How do I join the Whistle Club?

Very Simple! Just send in your picture to our Media. Just tag us Instagram: @hyperwhistleusa Facebook:@hyperwhistle Give us 2-3 days to process the image and then look for it on our Website, and Media pages.

Do we ship World-Wide? (International)

Please contact us directly for International Shipping options. Email: quentin@wattre.com

How do I contact the Company?

Contact: Email: quentin@wattre.com HyperWhistle 9301 Roberts rd. Woodburn, IN 46797