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Best Whistle, Bear Repellent, Marine Whistle, Long Range Whistle, Bear Repellent whistle

    SKU: 10002

    With over 5200 reviews on Amazon, we are rated the Most Efficient, Most Reliable, and Loudest Rescue/Outdoor Whistle in the world. We promise that our product will hold up to any Outdoor Atmosphere you may endure. With Our unique Tri-Frequency design, we configured 3 highly rated whistles into one unit. We hold a reputation for being engineered and designed in the USA, and also used on US Aircraft Carriers. We supply Professionals all around the world, and including underwater Scuba-Divers.


    Hyperwhistle, strives of Being the Premium choice when it comes to Rescue/Outdoor/Survival whistles. That's Why Hundreds of Thousands of Professionals choose our products.



    -142+ dB Output

    -Anti-Microbial Composite, All-Weather Construction

    -Up to 2 Miles of Usable Range

    -Patented Design US8925478

    -Unique Radial Tri-Frequency Design

    -Naturally Buoyant

    -Works in All Weather Environments, Including Underwater

    -Weight: 21 grams or 0.7 ounces

    -Dimensions: 3.125" L   x   1.125" W


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      The HyperWhistle is extremely loud. Continued use at max output without hearing protection may cause hearing loss.

      Use included ear protection and never blow near other's ears.

    $19.99 Regular Price
    $16.95Sale Price


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